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By Bruce Petrarca, MMR, AZ AP Manager

Evaluating Your Models

CLICK HERE for the PDF file.  This is a document that was put together by my friend, Duane Richardson, MMR. Duane is the son of Paul Richardson, MMR, who was the National AP Manager for many years.  They were the first father / son MMR team. Duane is currently the Lone Star Region AP Manager.  This document is designed to help folks write down what the judges need to see in a contest environment to understand the model.  AP evaluation is a dialog between the team and the modeler, but it would be helpful if the modeler had answers to these questions either written down or on the tip of the tongue.  I suggest printing this sheet and having it in a prominent place near your workbench.  Reviewing it as you go can give you ideas of where to earn some extra points.