Individual Registration

Please enter your information to register for the The Grand Canyon Special 2023 Convention.
The base price for a NMRA member is $160.  The base price for an non-member is $180 which includes a NMRA Railpass membership. 
The price for an adult guest is $100.  The price for a youth guest (10-17) is $50.

If you plan to attend the banquet, make sure to indicate the number of meals you want.
If the total number of meals exceeds the number of attendees (guests and yourself), you will be charged for the extra meals.

This form has two options:

  • NEW - Use this option when registering for the first time.
  • ADDITIONS - Use this option to add items to your convention registration.

The next section is the Company Store.  You can purchase the company store items, shown on the right, during this registraton process or later at the convention registration desk.

The next section provides the opportunity to include the Grand Canyon Railway Excursion as part of your convention registration.  If you do not include the GCR excursion at this time, you can always add it by registering for the Grand Canyon Railway Excursion on the registration page.

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