Individual Registration

Please fill out the information below to reserve seat(s) on the Grand Canyon Railway Excursion train.  Select the car class and if desired add a bag lunch.
A maximum of the 3 Adult (18+) guests plus yourself and 4 Youth (2-17) guests are permitted for a total of 8.  Youth (2-17) passengers are not permitted on the Luxury Class Car.
If you are signing up as a non-NMRA member, $20 will be added for the NMRA Railpass Membership, which will entitle you to NMRA membership benefits including taking up to three adult and four youth guests on the train.

Learn more about GCR train car classes

There is a $15 charged per adult to enter The Grand Canyon National Park (Youths are free). If you have a  valid National Parkk card, such as  Golden Age Passport, National Park Passport, America the Beautiful Annual PassAnnual Pass, Senior Annual Pass, Senior Lifetime Pass, Access Pass or Military Pass, enter the card type, the card number and name if one exist, on this form and up to a maximum of four adults may enter the Grand Canyon at no charge.  Without a valid card number, the Park Fee of $15 per adult will automatically be added to the train fare.

Please select the GCR car class and the number of occupants you require for adult and youth guests. There is a maximum of 4 adult and 4 youths across all car classes for a total of 8.
Youth guests are not permitted in the Luxury Parlor car.
GCR requires a list of the names of passengers. Please enter first and last name. If more than one, please separate the names with a comma. This will make the Registrar's job much easier. Thank You!

The Luxury Parlor Car is SOLD OUT.

In the text area below, enter your first and last name followed by other passengers in your group.  If passengers have the same last name as yours, only enter their first name.  Otherwise, enter the passenger's first name followed by their last name.  Please separate all passenger names using a comma.  This will greatly aide the registrar when preparing your boarding passes for the train.

The Grand Canyon National Park entrance fee is $15 per adult (18+). At this point in the form, the running total cost includes the park entrance fees based on the number of adults selected across all cars.  Remember there is a maximum of 4 adult passengers permitted across the car classes.  A "National Park" card as described at the top of this form will admit up to 4 adult (18+) persons free of charge.  If you have a Nation Park card, enter the card type, the card number and the number of adult guests up to four and the $15 entrance fees will be subtracted from your running total

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