As we have done at PSR conventions for some 55 years now, Hobos will gather for breakfast during the convention. This year we will meet in the Abineau Conference Room at the High Country Conference Center.  However, the format of this years gathering will be slightly different than in past years.

 hobo breakfastSince no self-respecting hobo will pass up a free meal, the logical thing to do is have breakfast at the  Drury Hotel.  For those staying at the hotel the meal is FREE!  For those not staying at the Drury, the breakfast can be purchased for only $6.99, or  you can eat wherever you are staying (assuming it is FREE!).   After breakfast in the Drury Hotel, plan to arrive in the Abineau Conference Room between 7:00 and 7:15 AM where the Hobo Breakfast Traditions will be upheld.  Following the “breakfast” the Hobo’s will already be assembled  for the  8:00 AM Convention General Membership Meeting which will convene in the same room. 

Hobos are, by definition, model railroaders who have attended at least one NMRA National convention outside the boundary of their home region. While our Hobo group may not be down on their luck or out of work, they are well traveled folks, and all are welcome to join in this time of camaraderie. Hobos are encouraged to bring guests to this activity. If you are not a Hobo by definition and would like to join us, you are welcome to come as a guest of a Hobo.