The Grand Canyon Special 2023 Convention will offer three simultaneous clinics throughout the day on Thursday and Friday.  They will be located in the conference rooms just off the lobby of the Drury Hotel.  Two of the Clinics will be dedicated to topics on  model railroading.  One clinic will be dedicated to the Northern Arizona area and be of interest to both modelers and anyone visiting the area.  Below is an early list of clinics, others will be added as the convention draws near.

 Local Interest Topics
 Topic  Presenter
 Introduction ot Flagstaff and Northern Arizona
 John Lovely
 The ATSF Peavine Railroad  Tom McColloch
  Arizona Mineral Belt and the Arizona & California RR  Richard McGaugh
  Geology of the Grand Canyon  Park Ranger TBD
 The Riordans and Logging  Park Ranger TBD
 The Beale Wagon Road an Camel Trains  Jerry Snow
 Fred Harvey and the Harvery Girls  Linda Irick
 Wupatki National Monument & Sunset Crater  Park Ranger Lauren Carter
 United Verde and Pacific Railroad  Phil Piet
 Moving Engines 12 and 15  Ron Talbot / John Lovely


 Classic Modeling Techniques To Modern Electronics
 Topic   Presenter
 Led Lighting Controll for the ARHS Museum Layout  John Mick
 Using Arduinos in Model Railroads  John Mick
 Going for the GOLD - Earning Your Golden Spike Award  Dennis Ranke
 Lessons Learned - From Design to Reality  Dennis Ranke
 Making inexpensive Pine Trees  Don Stewart
 Advanced Structures  Frank Baker
 LCC from the Ground Up  Craig Faris
 Outdoor Railroads  John Lovely
 Retroftting LCC into an existing Layout  Larry Gibbs
 3D Printing for Model Railroads  Chuck Coggins
 Building with Frank (4 hours, Friday Afternoon)  Frank Baker


 Special Interest Activities
  Topic   Presenter
 Dollar Bill Oregami  Linda Irick
 Herbs and You  Erica Guinn
 Floweer Arranging  Floral Arts of Flagstaff 
 Flower Pot Transfers  Jenny Poole


 Extra Fare Tours
  Topic  Fare  Day   Time
 Oeno Wine Bar  Adult: $40.00  Thursday    1:00 - 3:00PM
 Bearzona  Adult: 1/2 Pric -- $15.00  Anytime  
 Riordan Mansion Tour  Adult: $12.00
 Youth (7-13): $7:00
 Friday  1:00pm