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Rio Grande Southern – Northern DivisionThe theme of my layout is the operations of a narrow gauge railroad, operating in the 1940's and early 1950's, located in SW Colorado. My layout is based on the Rio Grande Southern RR - Northern Division. I model a stretch of the Northern Division that ran from the town of Ridgway to Telluride, Co., connecting with hidden yard tracks located in Durango, Co., and Montrose, Co. The layout also models a small lumber and ore company operation that was located in the town of San Miguel, Co.


Kim Bannister

Thursday 1:00PM – 4:00 PM

ATSF Arizona Division and Arizona NorthernATSF in Arizona in the 1950’s. The Arizona Northern 3 foot narrow gauge connection. The railroad is in the McCormick – Stillman Railroad Park and is on public display 363 days of the year. The layout is 40 by 32 foot and is designed for heavy operations. Scenery is 100% complete. The railroad was featured in the June 2015 NMRA Bulletin.

Scottsdale Model Railroad Historical Society Website

HO & HOn3

Scottsdale Model Railroad Historical Society

Wednesday 7PM - 10PM

Southern Pacific/Lost DutchmanTwo railroads interchanging in Tempe AZ. The Southern Pacific is modeled from Chandler to Tovrea with a yard in Mesa. The Lost Dutchman is a bridge line that runs north and east from Tempe. A major yard with engine facility exists in Tempe.

SP-Lost-Dutchman youtube video


David Doiron

Friday 7PM - 10PM

St. Louis-San Francisco Railway (Frisco) and Gasconade, Meramec & Southern Rwy (narrow gage)The Gasconade, Meramec & Southern Rwy. is a freelance narrow gauge short line serving isolated rural communities and lead mines in southeastern Missouri. The northern terminus of the GM&S is in the freelance city of Monroe, MO where it has freight transfer facilities with the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway. From Monroe the GM&S winds south for 38 miles through the Village of Slate Creek to Galena, which is south staging and is not modeled. A branch extends southwesterly from Slate Creek to Coalmont, home of the Bear Paw coal mine. In Monroe the Frisco serves 7 locations and a Missouri Pacific interchange in addition to the GM&S.

O & On30

Bill Sommerfield

Thursday 9AM - 12PMSaturday 9AM - 12PM

Riverside, Chicago & Baltimore RailroadThe RC&B is a freelance HO scale model railroad that represents the brainchild of a modern railroad baron who began collecting short line railroads and culminated with the acquisition of Conrail and merger with the Union Pacific to create a true transcontinental railroad. Promoting itself as “Your Coast to Coast Carrier”, the RC&B had major operations hubs in Riverside (CA), Chicago and Baltimore. This is a modern era railroad that nonetheless reflects some of the eccentricities of its owner.
The modeled portion of the railroad represents the eastern approaches to the Appalachian Mountains from the port city of Metropolis to the pass at Summit. With some 14 industries, a small yard and an interchange, Metropolis takes two operators. There are three locals dispatched from the main yard at Blackrock that go “out and back”.. There are interchange trains from the CSX (2) and Norfolk Southern (1) that run from staging to Blackrock and back. The mine branch will have an operator who handles the branch as well as unit coal trains to and from staging to Summit to facilitate the mine operations. There are also unit trains of grain, oil, coal, containers/trailers, and Amtrack that make their own appearances on the railroad providing additional traffic and headaches for the locals. A typical ops session can handle 8+ operators. The railroad uses an NCE DCC system with a combination of tethered and radio control. Many locomotives have sound.


Roger Brendicke

Friday 1:00PM – 4:00PM

Santa Fe and Southern Pacific in ArizonaThe layout is modeled after central Arizona in the 1950s to early 1960s. Operations simulate movement of rail traffic between Phoenix and surrounding towns. There are 3 yard areas on the layout: Southern Pacific Phoenix, Southern Pacific Picacho, and Santa Fe Mobest. All operations either start, finish, or change consists in one of these yard locations. Operations are based on car cards and waybills. Each car has a dedicated car card with a waybill inserted to indicate the next location of that particular car. Each job has a job card showing the train routing and number of cars to drop off, pick up, or inter-move at each location. Job cards also include duties, specific and general instructions.

Gilbert Model Railroad Club Website


Gilbert Model Railroad Club

Thursday 7PM - 10PMSaturday 9AM - 12PM