PSR 2019 Convention

Arizona Junction

2019 PSR Convention Contests

Judged Model Contest

  1. Steam Locomotives
  2. Diesel and Other Locomotives
  3. Traction
  4. Passenger Cars
  5. Freight Cars
  6. Cabooses
  7. Non-Revenue Equipment
  8. Structure - On-line
  9. Structure - Off-line
  10. Display - On-line

Note that all entries above will be classified either as Open or Kit

  • Open shall consist of a model that is more than 50% scratch-built, or deemed by the entering contestant, to have significant modifications and/or a quantity of added details to warrant being judged in this classification.
  • The Kit Classification shall consist of models that were constructed from kits with less than 50% of the model being scratch-built. This is determined by the entering contestant

Photo Contest:

  1. Model - Black and White Print
  2. Model - Color Print
  3. Model - Slides
  4. Prototype - Black and White Print
  5. Prototype - Color Print
  6. Prototype - Slides
  7. Display Only - Not to be judged

Note that prints shall be mounted on flat, rigid board or matted with similar material – no folders or glass frames are allowed. Photo and mount shall not exceed 12” x 16” in size. Minimum mount size is 8” x 10” and minimum print size is 5” x 7”. Prints shall have the entrant’s name on the back. Prints with the entrant’s name on the front will not be accepted.

Arts and Crafts Contest

  1. General Kit Built
  2. General Pattern
  3. General Original
  4. Railroadiana Kit Built
  5. Railroadiana Pattern
  6. Railroadiana Original
  7. Needlework Kit Built
  8. Needlework Pattern
  9. Needlework Original

Module Contest

  1. Individual
  2. Group
  3. Model - Color Print
  4. Model - Slides
  5. Prototype - Black and White Print
  6. Prototype - Color Print
  7. Prototype - Slides
  8. Display Only - Not to be judged

Special Awards

  1. Best-of-Show Award
  2. Youth Award (awarded to an entrant 17 years old or younger)
  3. Ingenuity Award (exhibits the most unique and innovative use of material)
  4. Thumb’s Levity Award (presented for the model in any category of the judged model contest exhibiting the most blatant or subtle humor, prank, outrage, or joke for the amusement of the viewers)
  5. PSR President’s Award (presented by the PSR President to a PSR member entering a PSR regional convention judged model contest for the first time)
  6. Favorite Model Award (model chosen, by popular vote of the convention attendees)