About the Arizona Division

The Arizona Division is an organized division of the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA). The NMRA is the largest organization devoted to the development, promotion, and enjoyment of the hobby of model railroading. The NMRA was founded in 1935 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in order to provide a service to the hobby of model railroading.

The Arizona Division is part of the NMRA's Pacific Southwest Region (PSR)which is comprised of the Arizona Division, the Cajon Division, the Los Angeles Division, and the San Diego Division.

A copy of the Arizona Division By-Laws can be found here By-Laws.

Division Activities

The Arizona Division has three Division meetings per year. They are open to NMRA members and non-members. Meets typically have clinics and contests designed to promote the hobby and provide tools and techniques to members. A small swap meet is also held at each meet.

We typically have a spring meeting in the Phoenix Metropolitan area, a summer meet in northern Arizona and a fall meet in Tucson.

Each year a Regional Convention is held within the PSR. Arizona hosts one of the region conventions every four years on a rotating basis. The NMRA also hosts a National Convention each July.

Mission Statement

The Arizona Division operates under the NMRA and PSR to further the missions of those organizations.  The NMRA has a multifaceted mission involving such things as development of standards, promotion of the hobby, and achievement programs. The divisions within the NMRA have the unique opportunity to interact with members on a personal level.  Consequently, items like skill development, education, experience sharing, and friendship development are of prime importance.

Within that scope, the Arizona Division's Mission is to

  • Develop and improve the modeling skills of the members
  • Organize activities and events around the promotion of the hobby
  • Educate the members on new techniques and products
  • Provide an atmosphere that encourages friendship and sharing
  • Use the funds raised by the Division to encourage individual and group excellence
  • Promote the hobby at local events to encourage membership