PSR 2019 Convention

Arizona Junction

Beginners' Corner

Introducing The Beginners’ Corner, a way for folks to learn more about the basics of model railroading.

At the 2019 PSR NMRA regional convention, we will be introducing an innovative way for folks to learn more about modeling in general and model railroading in specific.

For the duration on the convention, a room will be dedicated to beginners and their needs. There we will have classes and provide an environment for learning and sharing.

This corner was suggested by Bruce Petrarca, MMR #574, who is the Achievement Program Chairman for the Arizona (host) Division. His motivation: “When I attended my first regional convention in 1999, I was about a year and a half into my model railroading experience. I was absolutely in overload. I had no idea what many of the concepts being discussed really meant; it was a little like taking a drink from a firehose. I’m hoping to get more people involved in the hobby, including those who may have been around for a while but haven’t been getting what they want out of their experience.”

If you’ve been accompanying someone to the conventions just to be companionable, you might find there is more for you here than a tour or two and the banquet. Check us out at the Beginners’ Corner.

Who are “beginners?”

  • Folks just starting out in the hobby
  • Relatives and friends of NMRA members:
    • A spouse or significant other
    • Children or grandchildren
    • Friends and acquaintances
  • Folks who modeled in the past and are coming back to the hobby and are snowed under with technology and jargon. These might be toy train operators, or model railroaders, or folks who have built models (styrene or wood or something else) of something other than trains.

What we will have for you:

  • Classes aimed at your level without being demeaning. Bruce has been inviting his friends to participate. If you have a topic you would like to see, eMail Bruce. If you would like to present a class, eMail him, too. (
  • A place to gather and share ideas.

We are just working this idea out. We will keep you posted here as things develop. Check back soon.