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above left: Art Carlton's                               Much appreciation to the SunCity

 “Maricopa Slim” - Hobo presentation.                   club for hosting!

Creativity Contest Entries:

 These all started with a CITY CLASSICS Company House kit. At least two walls of the kit had to be used and it could only fit onto a diroama footprint no more the 12" by 18". Parts of several kits were combined together in several of these to gain enough material, along with much imaganation.


above left: Dan Thompson's brick front entry.      above right: Helen Smith's 1920-era house.

below left: Spike's Dog House and below right Classic Victorian House by Tim Gilliland



above left: Grandparents Duplex by Jim Tuck earned him a merit award and first place in Kit-Structures

below left and right: Texaco Gas Station by Frank Baker



above: Gravel Tipple by Alan Barnes won                    above right: Warehouse by John Lovely complete               favorite model in the Creativity Contest.                              with interior.

One of the rules was to limit the footprint to an area no larger than 12” x 18”. Someone took it literally.... 

left and below both: Montezuma's Cafe by Alan Barnes

                       note the montezuma 'revenge' waiting line out back.........


above left and right: Frank Baker's entries (l) Ruby's Diner & (r) CF Gelderman’s


above left:  Northern Central railway octagon tower by Lee Stoermer, along with some examples of the basic core City Classics Company House building kits he completed as standard company style houses.



What follow are more photos of the Contest Entries and of the Spring 2014 AZ Division Meet



above: Wayne Wood's 'N' Scale Art Deco Underpass patterned after a real SP one near Oakland, CA

below:  Paul Chandler recieved a merit award and best in show for his SPRR Banta, CA frieghtdock.

FrankTower3 yakima dock



above left: Gordon Geiger took first place in Rolling Stock – Open with a “Shave Platform"

above right: Pennsylvania N6B Cabin Car – 1st Place Rolling Stock – Kit – built by Frank Baker

below: Favorite train entries


1st Place Pipe Train

below: hand built HO scale #6 Turnout at Orange Grove by Chuck Hammond won 1st Place in the Diorama – Open



above left: Richard is hard at work keeping up with handing out certificates.

                            above right: Verryl Fosnight is giving an update on his UP Wyoming Division railroad.

below(l) Stan keeping the registration going smooth. (r) Mike Boarding after giving part two of his

                                                                           Operations clinic with Richard holding his certificate.



above left and right: Railettes working the crowd for 50/50  PSR2015 tickets.


below left and right: Some of the photo contest entries.  



below: Levity Contest Entries

above: civil war themed diorama

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Photo credits to: L Stoermer